Small Blue and White Ginger Jar

Small Blue and White Ginger Jar (Available for Pre Order) 

Elegant colonial blue elephant ginger jar. Ginger Jars are taking the interior world by storm. Paired in two's or simply used a single feature piece, this jar is a lively to addition to any room. You can even use as a vase and fill with fresh pretty blooms!

Fun Facts:

Classic, iconic, and possessing a real sense of history, Ginger Jars are one of decor’s most well-known vessels. Originally conceived as storage containers in ancient China, they took on a more decorative function once they began to be imported to Europe during the 17th century’s fervor for all things chinoiserie.  They’ve managed to maintain their popular appeal throughout the years, and you’ll find them in all manner of designer homes and in countless magazine spreads. 

Dimensions: H: 470mm Dia: 250mm

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