Home Fragrance Diffuser 500 ml - Marquise

Home Fragrance Diffuser 500 ml - Marquise

The iconic home fragrance diffuser is available in XL format. Its elegant ceramic bottle adorned with a plaster stopper and a golden cord make it a real decorative object. Thanks to its rattan stems, it continuously perfumes your interior for several weeks. The cap allows you to close the bottle to stop the diffusion at any time, if you have to be away for example.

Emblematic fragrance of Mathilde M., with an assertive feminine character, this precious and irresistibly sensual fragrance combines woody and spicy notes with the sweetness of vanilla and musks. Beautiful Marquise, your beautiful eyes make me swoon ...

  • Cedar wood, Precious wood
  • Cistus, White musk, Spices
  • Ambergris, Vanilla bean

9 white stems of 40 cm included.

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