Electric Scented Mist Diffuser - Amour d'Astree

Electric Scented Mist Diffuser - Amour d'Astree

Simple to use, quiet and secure, this electric diffuser intensely and continuously perfumes small and large spaces while emitting a soft light, bringing calm and relaxation. Its ultrasonic technology creates fast vibrations ensuring the homogeneous mixture of the perfume in the water. The fragrance diffuses in a few moments in the form of a fine mist of water, while decreasing the dryness of the air.

Features of the electric diffuser Amour d'Astree:

  • Diffusion with or without light (white, yellow lights or variation of the two colors)
  • Manual or automatic shutdown when the water level is insufficient.
  • Duration of diffusion if full tank: approximately 3 hours (capacity 100 ml)

This box contains: 1 lighted electric diffuser, 1 power supply and 1 multilingual user manual. Not included super-concentrated perfume.

Collections: All Diffusers, Mathilde M

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