Electric Mist Diffuser - Prestige

Electric Mist Diffuser - Prestige 

Simple to use, silent and secure, this portable electric diffuser can be carried everywhere to intensely and continuously scent small and large spaces while emitting a soft light. Its ultrasonic technology creates rapid vibrations ensuring the homogeneous mixing of the perfume in the water. The fragrance diffuses in a few moments in the form of a fine mist of water, while reducing the dryness of the air. Its features 3 hour life and its remote control allows you to control at any time and remotely the desired diffusion cycles and light.
Mathilde M. room fragrance or essential oils sold seperate

Features of the Prestige electric diffuser:

  • Start, stop and control of light and diffusion cycles using the remote control
  • 3 programmable diffusion cycles: continuous diffusion then automatic stop when the water level becomes insufficient, continuous diffusion then automatic stop after 1 hour, diffusion in cycles of 30 seconds then automatic stop after 2 hours of diffusion
  • Diffusion with or without light (2 lights to choose from: white or gray)
  • Manual or automatic stop when the water level is insufficient
  • Rechargeable via USB or mains charger (can be used on the go in your car)

Our advice for use

This diffuser is to be used only with over-concentrated Mathilde M. room fragrance or essential oils. Fill the water tank before adding a few drops of over-concentrated room fragrance or essential oils. Precautions for use Refer to the user manual inside the box before use.

This set contains: 1 luminous electric diffuser, 1 power supply, a USB cable, a remote control and 1 multilingual user manual.

Duration of diffusion if full tank: about 5 hours (capacity 120 ml).

Further information

Composition: glass and PVC base
Diffuser dimensions: ⌀ 11.2 x 17 cm

Collections: All Diffusers, Mathilde M

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