Box 4 Scented Fondant Coeur Arabesque - Marquise

Box 4 Scented Fondant Coeur Arabesque - Marquise

Discover an incomparable way to perfume your home quickly and efficiently. Drop one or more melting scented wax decorations into your scent burner. By melting, the wax diffuses an intense scent quickly thanks to its very concentrated formulation.

Each melting decor offers up to 4 hours of broadcast. When the decor no longer diffuse perfume, change it. You can mix melting decorations with each other to create a fragrance that suits you.

Marquise Fragrance:  An emblematic Fragrance by Mathilde M., with a strong feminine character, this precious and irresistibly sensual perfume combines woody and spicy notes with the sweetness of vanilla and musks.

Cedar wood, Precious wood
Cistus, White Musk, Spices
Ambergris, Vanilla pod


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