by Team Grove March 21, 2022

We are so glad to welcome our Spring arrivals as the evenings get longer and the temperature slowly creeps up. There's just something really revitalising about this time of year that makes us want to hit refresh and get back into action.

This season has brought with it a number of exciting new trends in the world of home decor, and we, at Grove Home, are all about this shift in interiors. From tones to textures, new ideals, and a move towards more curvilinear structures, we feel that these elements can be easily worked into any space and give your home the spring clean it needs.



Considered Organisation

Rethinking how we work our spaces and storage has become an integral part of how we style our homes. Careful placement and a touch of character are key to polishing off any space.

Instead of removing all evidence of life and living as we may see in more commercial scenarios, we aim to create a wholesome sense of warmth through considered placement of our 'bits & bobs'. What we choose to display can be entirely personal or a clever tool in drawing various elements of design together.

Shades of Nature

Earthy tones of browns and greens are hugely popular amongst this season's palette. Not only does this draw a beautiful connection with nature but it is also hugely symbolic of the regrowth and vitality of Spring itself. 

Having spent so much time indoors over the past two years, we are really welcoming the notion of inviting elements of the outdoors into our homes in order to create balance. Marrying these two elements not only extends or space but offers a harmonious sense of calm.



Raw Materials

Raw and unrefined materials and surfaces have been widely used in interiors over the past few seasons and it looks like they're here to stay! From concrete poured countertops to handmade terracotta vases, there are numerous ways of incorporating this trend into your home.

The imperfect, porous nature of these materials is ideal for adding more dimension to a space, whilst offering visual intrigue with the beauty of its simplicity.


Team Grove
Team Grove