by Chanelle O'Dwyer December 07, 2022


The holiday season is finally upon us and we couldn't be more excited! As we busy ourselves with decorating our homes and choosing the perfect gift, we must not forget about the main event itself!

Creating the perfect tablescape for your festive meal will leave a lasting impression on guests and make the smaller moments that bit more magical. Below are our go to themes for festive dining - let us know what look is your favourite!


The Rustic Table

Offering a more simplified and pared-back feel, our rustic table is an elegant alternative to more traditional tablescape styling. This look is based on a wonderful balance between tone and texture but can be styled to the degree of complexity you prefer. The softness a rustic tablescape can create is utterly timeless, and allows your festive feast to take centre stage.

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Rustic Table Setting


The Classical Table

Greens, reds, and golds are synonymous with Christmas decor, so of course we had to create a tablescape based on this tradition. The key to creating this classical look was maintaining a balance between each element, yet allowing a subtle softness to peep through with subtle hints of texture. This look can be recreated easily by hand-picking your favourite tree ornaments and intertwining them into a garland so they blend seamlessly into a relaxed finish.

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Classical Christmas Table


The Moody Table

A moody tablescape is perfect for more contemporary homes and looks simply magical for evening sittings as daylight draws to a gentle close. With darker tones prevalent throughout, this look is based more on the magic of candlelight and seasonal foliage, creating a wonderfully romantic and relaxed setting.

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Moody Christmas Table Setting


The Glamour Table

It's not really Christmas without a touch of glitz and glam - so of course we had to create a look with a touch of extra sparkle. This tablescape has been built entirely around the careful placement of a frosted garland, which has been complimented by a selection of Christmas tree ornaments and baubles. Finish the look with your favourite candleholders or tea lights to really bring the look to life.

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Glamour Christmas Table


The Winter Wonderland Table

Last but not least, is our adorable winter wonderland tablescape. This beautifully simplistic look mirrors the magic of snowfall and the frosty temperatures which are synonymous with the time of year. The mixture of fine textures with glassy elements work in perfect tandem to create a wonderfully balanced look.

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Winter Wonderland Christmas Table

Chanelle O'Dwyer
Chanelle O'Dwyer