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Adding a delicate bunch of florals to any space will instantly lift the energy in a room and draw a wholesome connection with the natural world around us. Now that the fall is full swing, the sense of transition is prevalent, with leaves slowly falling, and the woody bark of each and every tree being exposed to its earthy core.

One thing that has been at the forefront of our minds when it comes to interiors, is the beautiful dance tone and texture can play in allowing our homes to mirror the beauty of renewal. As nature prepares itself for yet another year, it enlightens us with a palette full of warmth as the leaves prance and pirouette, filling our neighbourhoods with hues of crimson and amber.
Amongst our newest arrivals this autumn season, has been a wondrous array of faux flowers, stems and dried grasses - the perfect additions to bring your decor up to date with the season at hand.
Whilst we've been busy styling our in store displays and capturing our favourite looks for you to shop the collection online, we thought we'd share our favourite looks with you and how you can recreate our signature looks this season.

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1. Fig and Olive Hydrangea Bunch

The fig and olive hydrangea stem is a seasonal favourite, and can be styled on its own or with the addition of berries and willow stems. The colour of the hydrangeas themselves is very rich, and work well in a more understated vase as to allow for the flowers to do the talking.

In look #1, we've paired 5 fig and olive hydrangea stems with 4 natural berry eucalyptus sprays in the adorable Ollie off-white vase.


 Fig and Olive Hydrangeas with Berry Sprays


In look #2, we added a little more drama, using 3 fig and olive hydrangea stems with 2 natural pussy willow stems and 3 blueberry sprays in the adorable Morris vase.


Fig and Olive Hydrangeas, Pussy Willow and Blueberry Sprays


2. Aubergine Eucalyptus Bunch

The aubergine eucalyptus spray is a personal favourite of mine, and can be styled in so many ways, depending on how creative you feel. Style a handful of stems as they are, or pair them with dried grasses and berries for a more rustic feel.

In this look, we've paired 5 aubergine eucalyptus stems with 3 cream eucalyptus sprays and 2 grey reed grass sprays in the stunning Carsen cement pot.


Aubergine Eucalyptus, Cream Eucalyptus and Reed Sprays


3. Silver Dollar Bunch

It would be rude not to include our all time favourite silver dollar eucalyptus in our autumn styling, which can be easily utilised throughout the seasons and interchanged by adding various berries and flowers relevant to that time of year.

In look #1, we paired 4 silver dollar stems with 3 natural pussy willow stems in the beautiful tall white terracotta vase with handles.


 Silver Dollar Eucalyptus and Pussy Willow Sprays


In look #2 we added depth with 4 tall eucalyptus sprays with seeds as well as 4 silver dollar stems in the distressed white bobble vase.


 Silver Dollar Eucalyptus & Tall Eucalyptus with Seeds

Discover our flower shop collection both in store and online today - don't forget to tag us in all of your wonderful creations!

Team Grove
Team Grove


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