by Team Grove May 05, 2022

A pretty bunch of blooms is perfect for adding a touch of character to your interiors, but it is also a great way to keep your space up to date as the seasons change. With the temperature slowly on the rise, and the stretch in the evening getting longer by the day, it is the perfect time to hit refresh as the summer draws in.

Choosing your arrangement based on the seasons is a great way of keeping your space relevant and draws a harmonious connection with the environment. Whether you choose bright white lilies for spring, or more moody berry sprays for autumn, there's always an opportunity to get creative and add a touch of personality to your space.

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At grove, we like to start off our styling by choosing the correct vase for our space. When making this decision, it is highly important to consider the size of the vase with respect to where it is being placed. Height is another hugely important factor, so our arrangement doesn't obstruct any overhead lighting, or look imbalanced in its disposition. You may choose a more intricate looking vase in texture and design for a simple arrangement, or something a little more understated, as to allow your creative work to do the talking.

When it comes to piecing our look together, we like to start off with our focal point. It is important to make sure that we don't overfill our vase with our main subject but also ensure that we use enough to make a statement. Try to use your chosen stems in multiples of 3's and 5's - although it may sound counterintuitive, odd numbers create a more natural sense of balance.


Greenery is hugely important for filling out your arrangement, and can be intertwined and woven through your focal point with ease. Again, working in multiples of 3's and 5's, you will see your creation slowly coming to life. You may need to play with height during this step, but with the wire structure of our stems and sprays here at Grove, there's plenty of room for diversity.

For an added touch of drama, you may want to add some accent stems to your arrangement, such as pussy willow or seasonal seeds. By adding an extra layer of dimension, you are sure to add to the visual intrigue of your overall look.

For more inspiration, call in store where our team of home experts can assist you in creating your perfect display. Alternatively, you can shop online and browse our extensive range of florals and greens.

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Team Grove
Team Grove